Alphaville remasters and Schiller remix of “Summer in Berlin”
Mar 2021 12

German synthpop legends Alphaville are in the process of remastering their second and third album. Meanwhile, German electronic project Schiller has made a new well-received version of “Summer in Berlin” and you can watch the video below.

The debut album have already been remastered and released, with a lot of interesting bonus material. Now the time has come for both “Afternoons in Utopia” and “Breathtaking Blue” which are both getting a deluxe remaster treatment, supervised by original members Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd.

“Afternoons in Utopia” was originally released in 1986, two years after the massive debut album “Forever Young”. It’s being re-released as a double CD, where the 13-track album is remastered on CD 1, while CD 2 offers 14 remastered B-sides, 12-inch and seven-inch remixes and more. It includes a 20-page booklet while the gatefold deluxe vinyl has a 24 page booklet but doesn’t have the bonus material.

The band’s third album “Breathtaking Blue” was co-produced by Klaus Schulze and it came out in 1989. As a companion piece, Alphaville produced a video album called “Songlines”, where each album track got a commissioned short film, from nine different directors. This release was previously only available in Germany on VHS and Laserdisc, but will be included in a remastered version on the new reissue. So, this new version comes as double CD + DVD. The vinyl also comes with the DVD, so you don’t miss out (but no bonus disc here either).

Both of these reissues will be released on May 7.