Album and video with electropop duo Octolab out today
Mar 2020 20

Today (March 20) marks the release of the new album (“Mystery Park”) and video (“Aim for His Head”) from Swedish synthpop duo Octolab. Watch the video below.

“Aim for His Head” is power-synthpop, but the album as a whole is varied affair for fans of bands like Ashbury Heights, Noblesse Oblige and X-Perience. We’re talking about everything from elegant pop with influences from the 80:s to modern and dark electropop.

Members Arielle Andersson and Fredrik Kindsäter from Lysekil on the Swedish west coast have been at it for some time now; the debut album “Timeless Room” came out 13 years ago, in 2007 and Octolab is not Kindsäter’s first band.

Review in progress.