A whole bunch of 80:s synthpop covers is coming your way
Apr 2020 25

Do you love 80:s music? Do you love Michael Cretu? Sure you do! Then you might be interested in two new cover album projects featuring a massive amount of different synthpop artists.

The label pbhmedia has compiled two quite impressive cover albums. Let’s start with “Svensk Kvalitet – Tribute to Swedish 80s Pop” which contains classics like “Lady O”, “Ut i natten”, “Rider omkring”, “Dansande man” and “Ifrån” covered by artists such as 1984, Saft, Rymdkaptenen, The Lovers of Valdaro (featuring Full of Keys), Modiga Agenter.

Michael Cretu has created a truckload of hits, both as a solo artist (“Samurai”) and as a song writer and producer for Sandra (“Maria Magdalena”, “Hi Hi Hi”, “Midnight Man”), Hubert Kah and others. And then he managed to get a second career when he created Enigma who were completely massive at the time. “Midnight Man – Tribute to Songs and Sounds of Michael Cretu” features some of his biggest hits covered by Paul Rein (interestingly the original creator of “Lady O” from the album above), Octolab, Vogon Poetry, Stormby and many more.

The albums are out digitally as we speak, and will come out on CD on May 8.