5 year anniversary for Dark Entries coming up
Jun 2014 23

San Francisco-based record label Dark Entries started in 2009 and in the 5 years that have passed, they have released an impressive amount of music, both re-releases and new acts, all with electronic music. To name but a few, Second Decay, Zwischenfall, The Neon Judgement, Borghesia, Starter, Parade Ground, Buzz, Vocoder, ADN’ Ckrystall, Linea Aspera, Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons, Leæther Strip, Patrick Cowley, Psyche, Crash Course in Science, Lassigue Bendthaus and Peter Richard.

The 5th anniversary will be celebrated with both 3 new releases, but also a US tour where the label founder Josh Cheon will DJ and the bands RedRedRed (debut album “Pattern Completion” out now), Bezier and Max+Mara will perform.

The 3 releases will be out on July 12 and are 3 classic EPs; first we have the self-titled debut from the American band Executive Slacks. We also get “Subsequent Pleasures” the very first release from (Clan of) Xymox. This EP was released by the band themselves in only 500 copies and a lot of them got destroyed. It has been re-released before, last time in 2001, but this is the first re-release on vinyl. As with all Dark Entires releases, it’s remastered for vinyl.

The last release is from the Australian band Severed Heads (pic above) and is of course their classic EP “Dead Eyes Opened” from 1984.

Previews on all releases below.