10-track EP from Swedish synthpop newcomer Machinista
Jan 2014 09

Newcomer synthpop duo Machinista is slowly building a reputation and on March 7 it’s time for the 10-track EP “Arizona Lights”, which is a teaser from the upcoming debut album (details tba).

The EP is loosely themed around UFO:s and the extra-terrestial. Pre-order gives access to immediate download of 7 of the tracks from the label Juggernaut.

Machinista is a new band but the 2 members John Lindqwister and Richard Flow have many years worth of experience in Cat Rapes Dog, Basswood Dollies and Vision Talk.

Machinista will also join “An Evening with Swedish Synth” in London on March 9, when Swedish synthpop pioneers Page play their first UK show.

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