Oct 2020 28

The third album by former Ladomir member and now highly appreciated electronic music solo artist Anna Öberg will be released on November 6th on Xenophone. [more...]

Oct 2020 23

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Kite, Autechre, Agent Side Grinder, Piston Damp, Train to Spain, Uncreated and Abu Nein.

New FLA album with guests from F242 and Fear Factory
Oct 2020 21

Totally out of the blue, it was announced yesterday that there’s a new Front Line Assemby album coming on January 15, 2021.


Oct 2020 20

Danish EBM legend Leæther Strip will release a huge 10 CD box with all the releases from the now defunct label Zoth Ommog.


New EP:s from synthpop projects Train to Spain and Uncreated
Oct 2020 19

Vanguard member Patrik Hansson’s solo project Uncreated has a brand new EP out now titled “Break Free”. [more...]

Apop related synthpop duo Piston Damp ready for launch
Oct 2020 18

Hot on the heels of the new Apoptygma Berzerk EP “Nein Danke!” comes a brand new synthpop project with strong links to the Norwegain giant. [more...]

Oct 2020 16

Swedish band Vogon Poetry are obviously quite inspired by the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series of books, and the new album title further proves it.


Oct 2020 12

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Ashbury Heights (original line-up), Rhys Fulber (in Bladerunner-style), Reakton (Kraftwerk-inspired), U96 and Wolfgang Flür, Diorama, Sammi Doll (from IAMX), Black Needle Noise (John Fryer), Dismantled and Social Ambitions (Swedish synthpop).

Oct 2020 12

Don’t miss our latest reviews of X Marks the Pedwalk, U96 and Wolfgang Flür, Assemblage 23, Reakton, Erasure, Rein and Progress 100.

Industrial band Headscan returns, looking back at their career
Oct 2020 03

Canadian cyber industrial band Headscan released their last album in 2005, and has been quiet ever since. Now something is stirring in their camp again, and a bunch of re-releases are coming.


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