May 2023 17

VNV Nation

Electric Sun

Format: Album
Label: Anachron Sounds
Release date: April 14, 2023

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Much has been said by Ronan Harris about what a departure this album is. Check out this hyperbole from the band’s Facebook for example: “It really is something else. Even I find it hard to grasp in its entirety. From the start, I set my sights on making something far beyond anything I’d ever done”. But let’s be honest, “Electric Sun” is very much a regular VNV Nation album and you’ll know exactly what to expect.

It is, however, among the best things he’s ever done and you can tell that it’s a labour of love. Except the beats. I’m sorry, but the drum programming could use some more imagination. It’s evident in the opening track “Electric Sun”, which features a slow, steady beat. And nothing whatsoever happens to it except an open hihat at times. It’s a great and powerful track that would grow even more with a dynamic rhythm section. Or maybe I’m just grumpy.

Other than that, it’s a fabulous album filled with both epic dance tracks and slow, beautiful ballads. The former will be represented here by “Prophet” and “The Game”, both stone cold classics to be, and are also the two tracks where Ronan is pushing the envelope the furthest. Catchy, dancey, moody, and all the good stuff ending with y! The slow track I’ll mention is “Run”, a powerful cry for help with an absolutely massive chorus.

VNV Nation has developed a distinctly unique sound, and it still works wonders. There are some fillers, but overall “Electric Sun” is a strong outing.