Jun 2020 19

Patrik Henzel from the Swedish electronic pop band Nasa has passed away at the age of 54. [more...]

Jun 2020 18

Aesthetic Perfection has just released a new music video for the song “Supernatural”, taken from the latest album “Into the Black”. Watch it below. [more...]

Linea Aspera’s “LP II” set for release, teaser track posted
Jun 2020 17

The Linea Aspera album Alison Lewis spoke about in our interview in February is now set for a September 7 release. You can listen to the teaser track “Solar Flare” below. [more...]

Norway’s Electro Spectre dreams in stereo
Jun 2020 11

The electropop duo of Alexander Björneboe and Isak Rypdal, fittingly named Electro Spectre, is having a very busy 2020. [more...]

Brand new pop EP from Page – listen
Jun 2020 10

A fully loaded new EP titled “Under mitt skinn” from Swedish synthpop veterans Page is out this Friday. [more...]

A different electronic beat – the Orb’s Alex Paterson interviewed
Jun 2020 09

It’s not often, if ever, you get a chance to meet your heroes. So when Alex Paterson, the only ever-present in the collective known as the Orb, pioneer of ambient electronic music, and the creator of the iconic tracks “Little Fluffy Clouds”, and “Blue Room” appears on your radar – even during times of lockdown – it’s time to give him a call. Mike Whyte has an inspired conversation with Mr Paterson in this Release Magazine exclusive. [more...]

Jun 2020 09

A long awaited third album by power synth act Xenturion Prime is on its way.


Jun 2020 08

The legendary synthpop duo Erasure released their latest single “Hey Now (Think I Got a Feeling)” this last Friday, and details about their upcoming album were disclosed.


Jun 2020 05

We have updated our Spotify playlist. Listen to the brand new singles from: Kite, Rein, Erasure and Xenturion Prime.

Jun 2020 05

The English musician, producer and songwriter Rupert Hine has died at the age of 72. [more...]

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