Laibach spread the “Sound of Music” over Europe
Nov 2018 08

Laibach takes their “Sound of Music” album on tour, and also promise to perform tracks from a long row of classic albums. [more...]

Nov 2018 08

Head over to On Stage for the latest concert updates. With Rammstein, Laibach, The Cure, Sex gang Children, Nurse with Wound, Henric de la Cour and more. On Stage covers the Nordic countries, the rest of the site is global.

Welcome to the future – Front Line Assembly interviewed in Hamburg
Nov 2018 05

We have interviewed Front Line Assembly numerous times but Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber are as busy as always. There’s lots of new stuff to talk about like two FLA albums, a single with Robert Görl, a massive tour, Rhys’ solo album and new Delerium. We sat down with Bill Leeb in Hamburg for a long chat about creating gaming soundtracks, the upcoming album, collaborations and side projects. 34 years into his career – older and wiser – he also reflects on the past, and looks into the future. We also had a photo session with Bill and Rhys, and shot them live as well.


Nov 2018 02

The new, seventh Rammstein studio album will be out in the spring, followed by a massive stadium tour. [more...]

Oct 2018 25

Just a short notice to let you know that new Download material are coming your way soon.


Oct 2018 24

Chris Corner – aka IAMX – released his latest album “Alive in New Light” in the spring of 2018. Now he’s pulled a new single from it, to coincide with his upcoming tour.


New single by Front Line Assembly featuring Robert Görl
Oct 2018 23

New details have arrived about the upcoming Front Line Assembly single “Eye on You”.


Oct 2018 23
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