Jan 2024 26

Your Enemy

Broken Toys

Format: Album
Label: Progress Productions
Release date: January 26, 2024

Doctor Image

Carl Nilsson in Your Enemy must have been on an all time high of creative flow last year, when he wrote and produced two awesome industrial albums. First in the form of Lucifer’s Aid’s excellent “Destruction” and then with his new project Your Enemy together with Viva Petersdotter.

If I’m going to try to separate the two bands, I’d say that Lucifer’s Aid is darker, more introspective and heavier, while Your Enemy is more straightforward, sexier and more directly aimed at the darker dance floors around the world.

There are basically no melodies here, rather ridiculously fat bass lines, riffs, ultra heavy beats and lots of atmosphere, with Viva’s sultry voice sprinkled in throughout. The music is monotonous and hypnotic, in that exquisite way that expands your mind and makes you become one with the rhythm. It’s also brilliantly groovy.

It’s pretty hard to pick a favourite, but gun to my head I’ll probably say “Deep Fear” with its bubbly bass, electro vibes and overall funkiness. Excellent stuff.

In short, this is another winner from Carl, and together with Viva he’s created a dance floor juggernaut.