Exile Hurts… or: We’d love to be a Polivoks
Feb 2013 08

The Hurts saga is quite the opposite of what one tends to believe is the situation for young musicians these days. In 2009; a hit tune, “Wonderful Life”, with an amateur video landed a recording deal with the RCA etiquette Major Label  and a year later Hurts’ debut album “Happiness” was released. Since then, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have been touring like crazy all over the world.

Now Hurts are back with their second album “Exile”. They have once again recorded in our hometown Gothenburg so we just had to book an interview. We had a nice chat with Mr Anderson who revealed that “Exile” was an industrial album to begin with. [more...]

Wolfgang Flür reviews Kraftwerk
Feb 2013 07

Former Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür has reviewed one of the recent Kraftwerk performances in Düsseldorf and The Quietus has published a shortened version, translated from German. It’s as interesting as it is depressing.

Click here to read the review


Parralox and Leather Strip covers of Depeche Mode’s “Heaven”
Feb 2013 05

Australia’s Parralox and Denmark’s Leather Strip have already released cover versions of the new Depeche Mode single “Heaven” (we have posted the YouTube links) – Leather Strip even prior to the release. Other covers and remixes are popping up on the www.

On a related note, web site The Quietus has already listened to the new album “Delta Machine”. [more...]

Feb 2013 05

The last Best of 2012 list is online. Check out Niklas Forsberg’s favorites and listen to most of the albums and songs via Spotify links. We hope that you have discovered some new favorites of your own from all our lists.

Click here to see Niklas’ list

Hurts’ “Miracle” video launched today
Feb 2013 04

British duo Hurts launched their high-budget video for the first single “Miracle” off their second album “Exile” today. Here is it is.


Depeche Mode’s “Heaven” video launched today
Feb 2013 01

The video for Depeche Mode’s “Heaven” single was launched today as planned. Watch it here. [more...]

Feb 2013 01

Our 6th Best of 2012 list – from Tobias Eliasson – is on line. We’ve added his Spotify playlist at the bottom of the list page

Click here to see Tobias’ list

Feb 2013 01

As a big fan of The Klinik I’m quite excited over the fact that the new studio album – “Eat Your Heart out” – created by the original members Marc Verhaeghen and Dirk Ivens will finally be released on March 1. There’s also a new member called Peter Mastboom joining the ranks. [more...]

Kraftwerk, Düsseldorf, Germany, January 11-20 2013 – report
Jan 2013 30

Fredrik “Schlatta” Svensson went to Düsseldorf to watch some of Kraftwerk’s 10 3D full album concerts in their own hometown. He came back with an interesting, detailed report, set lists and photos. He also met 3 out of 4 Kraftwerk members.


Jan 2013 30

The Best of 2012 list from Mikael Kahrle, editor-in-chief of Release Magazine, is up, complete with Spotify links and a Spotify playlist.

Click here to see Mikael’s list

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