Feb 2012 07


Love on Demand

Format: Album
Label: Boredomproduct
Release date: November 21, 2011

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I loved Foretaste’s last – their second – album, “Terrorist TV” with its dark, brooding synthpop that dared to forge its own path in this part of the electronic music world. With smart arrangements, exquisite sound design and dare I say it more mature song writing the follow-up, “Love on Demand” treads down the path that they started then, while also branching out a little bit. For instance, we have a brilliant almost-instrumental named “Today” starting off slow before it putters away with analogue beats and sweet, warm melodies that just wants to embrace you. This album features more eighties electro influences while at the same feeling contemporary and I keep coming back for more.

This is a strong collection of songs, each with its own identity and flair, each connected by Lover_XX’s and Lover_XY’s – as they call themselves – vocals and musicality. I really enjoyed this album and I think it is their strongest effort so far.