Sep 2014 30

Deine Lakaien

Crystal Palace

Format: Album
Label: Odyssey
Release date: August 8, 2014

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Approaching their 30 year mark as a band, German avantgarde duo Deine Lakaien have brewed one of their best batches since their experimental beginnings in the mid eighties. Looking at vocalist Alexander Veljanov it is hard to understand that so much time has passed. Few artists have the ability to create such subtle, yet powerfully moody soundscapes.

One of the many talents of Deine Lakaien lies in the brilliance of Ernst Horn’s musicality and versatility both when it comes to playing instruments and concocting mesmerising melodies. Add to that the operatic wonder that is Veljanov and the result can be nothing but intriguing. “Crystal Palace” dabbles in darkwave, folk music, avantgardism and a unique brand of electronic pop. They knead this eclectic dough into something truly fantastic sometimes on this new album. Slight traces of repetition are the only flaws holding “Crystal Palace” back from an even higher grade.

May they long continue to create, the marvellous minds of Horn and Veljanov!