Nov 2017 30



Format: Album
Label: Progress Productions
Release date: November 24, 2017

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The mystery surrounding Wulfband has only deepened. This is their second album, and still no one knows who they are, which is kind of cool in these days of information overload. What we do know, is that they’re able to produce pure, distilled aggression in the form of awesome EBM. In fact, this is the best EBM album to come out since… well, their debut album.

This time the music is a bit more influenced by punk, which adds an extra layer of rawness. To my chagrin though, they also started to deploy double speed beats in some tracks – worst offender ”Basta” – which I’ve never been a fan of. For me, they almost always just surgically remove any groove that was there. But that’s a small minus on this fun filled aggro bonanza.

The word fun is actually operative here, the music is very playful amidst all the testosterone and is filled with small details and weird little shenanigans. It’s like Wulfband researched what the admittedly pretty tired genre needed, and then promptly started to fill that gap, making heavier and fatter beats than anyone else. They’re very efficient too, the longest track is just 3:28 minutes long.

The first five songs are particularly explosive with ”Kaos MF” and ”Kpt Kaboom” taking pole position as two of the best EBM tracks ever made. The energy of the last 30 seconds of the latter could run a small country for a week.

The band is Swedish, but all lyrics are shouted in German and it works so wonderfully well that you don’t think much about it. The only drawback of ”Revolter” is that it gets a bit exhausting to listen to the album in its entirety. It’s best experienced in small doses and of course in a live or club situation.