May 2013 30


Below the City

Format: Album
Label: Metropolis
Release date: May 14, 2013

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He seems to have a lot of music in him, Austrian Stefan Poiss. Maybe inventive electro project does not fully challenge his creativeness or he simply wanted an adventure to call his own. Debut album “The Way Home” saw daylight a year ago and already we have the sophomore effort to enjoy. Can “Below the City” carry the formula further?

I’m not sure, although I feel Poiss’ genius might benefit from some new input. See, he is still unique and the undisputed master of creating this particular brand of dark, yet soothing electronic surroundings. Thyx plays more with rhythm and beat than, an outfit more electronic and detached. “Below the City” also borrows some acoustic elements and has a heftier dose of pop, further widening the gap between the two projects.

There are times when Thyx loses focus; maybe Poiss gets too involved in the details sometimes. But overall “Below the City” projects a thrilling image of darkness and the human psyche.