Aug 2017 23

The Birthday Massacre

Under Your Spell

Format: Album
Label: Metropolis
Release date: June 9, 2017

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The seventh studio album since 2002 sees Canadian quintet The Birthday Massacre folllow their patented formula. “Under Your Spell” intertwines massive arena goth with smooth melodic electropop beautifully, albeit not revolutionary. Chibi’s voice is the perfect match for this whirlwind plethora of sounds and the song writing, as always, is fantastic.

Some tracks, like “Counterpane”, are more in-your-face metal in style, while others, “Without You” for instane, lean more towards mellow electronics. Most tracks balance between the two styles, though, and with 18 years of experience The Birthday Massacre really know how to execute this.

“Under Your Spell” offers little in terms of surprises, but firmly cements the band as a frontrunner in the narrow field of electronic goth rock.