Sep 2012 11

Robert Marlow

The Blackwing Sessions

Format: Mini album
Label: Electro-Shock
Release date: September 19, 2012

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Now, more than ever, labels and artists seem to feel the need to put out more and more closet material: demos, alternate versions, rough mixes… I have to admit, in many cases I find it quite intriguing to listen, still one has to remember these releases is for the hardcore fans only.

“The Blackwing Sessions” compiles 7 Robert Marlow tracks from the early eighties, tucked away deeply in Eric Radcliffe’s Blackwing studio. Demo takes on “No Heart”, “Life in a Film” and “The Kiss” and alternate lyric versions of “Ambition” (here called “When Sleep Was Easy”) and “I Just Want to Dance”. There isn’t really much to say about this EP, other than that it will please the closest followers of Marlow as well as Vince Clarkian analogue synthpop fans. I place myself in both categories, but would have liked to hear completely “new” tracks from the old days as well.