Oct 2020 10


Weltall: Erde: Mensch

Format: Album
Label: Electro-Shock Records
Release date: September 24, 2020

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Bands trying to imitate Depeche Mode have existed in abundance since the eighties, but few have really managed to replicate the clinic electronica of our genre’s grandfathers Kraftwerk. That is, until quite recently. In the last few years, bands have popped up all over embracing the Düsseldorf quartet’s uniquely engaging sound. Sweden and Germany are both homes to most of these projects. The latest band in this proud tradition is Berlin based Reakton. Can they bring something new to the formula?

Not really. But like so many others in this microgenre they do it so well you kind of forget it while listening. Still, “Weltall: Erde: Mensch” is slightly less influenced by Kraftwerk than most, adding more ambience and contemporary elements to their machine pop. Intro piece “Onlineshop” will assure you what you are dealing with, though so don’t be alarmed if you’re a purist. “Ameropa” is structured differently where the first part is monotone robotopop only to end up in some sort of orchestral melody driven synthpop. There are also traces of techno and electro throughout.

Reakton really know their heritage, but add interesting elements here and there to remind the listener that this is not from 1981, but brand new. You can hear their musicianship and production skills shine all through this album. Give it a spin if you’re into Kraftwerkian sounds and, let’s face it, who isn’t?