Sep 2014 18

Mitch Murder


Format: Album
Label: Mad Decent
Release date: July 29, 2014

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You gotta love Mitch Murder. No, seriously, you have to. He takes all the great stuff about the 80:s and mix them all up in a sweet electric neon inferno. Everything from the kitschy album covers to the perfect FM synthesized sound. The man behind the name is Johan Bengtsson and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. His previous albums and EP:s are sweet little popsicles of sugary 80:s electronics.

This continues on “Interceptor” where every song is infused with 80:s soundbites, with everything from news samples, movie samples, characteristic synthesizer sounds and video game themes. The production is immaculate and dripping with analogue slickness. You can almost see Sonny Crockett driving his Ferrari between the palm trees in Miami in front of you while listening.

The problem is the songwriting itself, because even though the sound is crisp as a vicar’s laundry, it is more about creating the right mood than creating the perfect song. Which isn’t bad in itself, but makes for a bit of a fatigue towards the end of “Interceptor”.

Still, this music triggers something in me. A longing for simpler more neon lit times perhaps, the sound of my youth. I can’t quite stop listening to it, but I can’t help think how much better it could have been.