Jan 2013 16


Born To Lie

Format: Single
Label: Dependent
Release date: January 18, 2013

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The last time we had a proper full length album from Mesh was in 2009, when “A Perfect Solution” came out. So, it’s been a while. Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn supposedly haven’t been slacking though, as they claim  that they’re aiming to bring some new sounds and styles to the new Mesh album “Automation Baby” which is coming soon. I have to say though that the first single “Born to Lie” does sound quite a lot like previous Mesh tunes. In a good way! They are very skilled in making these kind of high energy dance hits, and “Born to Lie” is just that. A full on four-on-the-floor electronic dance track with a catchy chorus (with some small hints of guitars).

The remixes from Rotersand and Blitzmaschine are well executed but doesn’t really add anything interesting enough for me. They edge towards a dancier sound, but they’re not as good as the original. The Blitzmaschine remix is probably the best one with its cold beats.

The highlight for me though is the other new track “Black Dog”, a fantastic sort of ballad that shows a bit more sophisticated and epic side of the band. All in all, this new single bodes well for the upcoming album with the seemingly reinvigorated duo.