Jun 2014 09



Format: Album
Label: Juggernaut
Release date: May 25, 2014

Doctor Image

The duo of John Lindqwister and Richard Flow have been stirring up quite the buzz during the past year. Their take on modern synthpop is in-your-face and powerful, yet more emotive than most electronic pop released in recent years. The key to the Machinista potency lies in the vocals; Lindqwister has a unique tone and his vocal range really shines on “Xenoglossy”.

The magic and grace of “Take Comfort in Being Sad” set the tone and what follows is a 45-minute eargasm for fans of electronic harmony. Slow paced ballad-esque numbers and full on dance gems balance deliciously on “Xenoglossy”, with Lindqwister’s blistering voice adding fragility and force. David Bowie’s “Heroes” gets the Machinista treatment and, dare I say, benefits from it.

Needless to say I have high hopes for their coming adventures, as “Xenoglossy” is one of the best synthpop albums this year. I actually played it at work last week and it turned quite a few heads.