Sep 2011 09


Gravity the Seducer

Format: Album
Label: Nettwerk
Release date: September 12, 2011

Doctor Image

Time definitely flies, doesn’t it? It’s been a decade since ”Playgirl” hit our electro hearts like a stagger – or maybe more like a fresh injection of adrenaline.

However, after their first couple of hits I started getting a bit bored with the repeated formula regarding sounds, harmonies and song structures that the band seemed to be following. This was maybe due to an escalating schedule since they obviously were working very hard and put great effort into touring and continuously recording and releasing new stuff.

This new album is something different though. The mantra of the Ladytron trademark vocal call and response hook is not as present and the overall image is more laid back and sober with not as many campus location anthems for the indie electronica kids with art school ambitions. The soundscapes are more layered and while still many tracks would work on a dance floor (and probably will with a little help from back-up remixes) ”Gravity the Seducer” is essentially an album to listen to. And it is a very pleasant experience indeed. I am desperately trying to find a better word than ”mature” but unfortunately it seems best suited to describe this new collection of songs. People who thought they knew what to expect from Ladytron have been proven wrong and I applaud their spark of creativity on ”Gravity the Seducer”.

And… please, forgive me if you find this offensive, but the songs, at times, actually remind me of ABBA (around “The Visitors”).