Dec 2020 21


Where do we go from here

Format: Album
Label: Out Of Line
Release date: December 11, 2020

Doctor Image

Ex Klinik frontman Dirk Ivens has teamed up with Jan Dewulf to create the latest Dive album “Where Do We Go from Here”. If monotone, heavy and groovy industrial is your thing, I really do recommend that you check this one out.

Dive certainly has a more polished and modern sound than Klinik, but you can definitely hear parallels, and Dirk’s voice further cements that connection. I love this album, it’s full of great, dark, dancey tracks with some truly fat bass lines. The production and sound design is excellent throughout, although perhaps some people would like a bit more grit or dirt as it is actually quite polished. If you’ve listened to earlier Dive material you’ll recognize it, it’s just a bit trim and slick.

My only complaint is actually Dirk Iven’s voice, as legendary as it is. I feel it lacks emotion, and his intonation and expression never changes throughout the album. The coldness of it sort of fits the music though, so it’s a minor point. I’m not a Dive expert, but to me it seems like Dirk and Jan have taken the Dive sound and refined it, creating a great album in the process. Also, be sure to check out the EP version of “Black Star” which is an inferno of swirling synths and heavy beats, molding it from a slow groovy type thing into a blistering dance track.