Oct 2012 01


Rockets & Swords

Format: Album
Label: Popgefahr
Release date: August 24, 2012

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Thomas and Steffen managed to get their ship back on course with the surprisingly strong “Noob” in 2007. They backed it with another winner in “Popgefahr” 2 years ago and built up high expectations for what was to become “Rockets & Swords”. As has been proven throughout their career, the German dark pop veterans De/Vision always deliver, albeit slightly unevenly.

I can’t find a single weak track on “Rockets & Swords”. On the other hand, I can’t find any real crackers either so it kind of balances the album out into some sort of nothingness. Competent? Sure. Catchy? To some degree. Innovative? No.

As a long time fan I would hate to see De/Vision drift back into some of their more uninspired efforts of the late 1990:s and early 2000:s, but I fear they are headed down that route yet again with “Rockets & Swords”.