May 2014 27

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons

Format: Album
Label: Dependent
Release date: June 6, 2014

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British act Click Click has never been a band that has attracted the masses, but has always been met with respect and left an important mark in the history of industrial music. They were inspired by contemporary acts like Cabaret Voltaire but also by Brian Eno, “Blade Runner” and more experimental stuff – calling the music “industrial psychedelia”. This new album is the first proper album since “Shadowblack”, their 1997 album which was also their comeback after the 1990 split.

Hopefully they will stay together this time, because I really like what they have done here. “Those Nervous Surgeons” is a very low key, almost drone-like, take on industrial music. But it balances perfectly – the industrial sound is always present, but it blends in wonderfully with the ambience and vocals. “What Do You Want” is a perfect example – when it starts up I expect it to speed up into industrial overdrive, but it keeps a slower pace which just makes it even more powerful.

The strength of Click Click is that they have always been masters at combining various genres but still maintaining a personal sound that comes through in everything. We get some ambient, we get some EBM, we get some acoustic instruments – but everything has a purpose and a place. The vocals are powerful, but not dominating.

Not many bands manage to put this type of blend together, but Click Click can do it and this album is no different. It has a musical depth that I really lack in a lot of albums these days. Wonderfully done.