Feb 2022 18

The Best of 2021 list and an accompanying Spotify playlist from Peter Marchione, Release Magazine. [more...]

Feb 2022 15

The Best of 2021 list from Release Magazine’s Mike Whyte in London. [more...]

Feb 2022 15

The independent Manifest Awards took place last Friday at Nalen in Stockholm. [more...]

Feb 2022 13

The Best of 2021 list and a Spotify playlist from Johan Carlsson, Release Magazine. [more...]

New well-produced single from Martin Sköld’s Kapitalet
Feb 2022 13

You might know Kapitalet member Martin Sköld from one of the biggest bands in Sweden’s history, namely Kent. Martin and Dejan Belgrenius started working together after Kent called it a day back in 2016, and released the single “En förlorad värld” (“A lost world”) in 2020. Now they’re back again, with the new single “Skynda att leva” (Hurry up to live).


Feb 2022 09

Progress Productions has signed the hard and dark electronic duo My Love Kills. [more...]

Jan 2022 30

Madcap EBM duo Wulfband announces: “It wasn’t over… it STILL isn’t over.” [more...]

Jan 2022 14

The nominees for the annual Swedish Manifest Awards have been announced.

In the ”synt” category, we find these four albums: [more...]

Jan 2022 04

Time flies, it’s 2022 and it’s 36 years since Release was founded (by another team). Here’s a mini-timeline: [more...]

The return of Röyksopp – listen to new track
Jan 2022 03

Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp started the new year by sharing a short new track: “Nothing (but Ashes)…”. [more...]

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