Electronic music producer Mark Bell has passed away
Oct 2014 14

It is with a heavy heart I bring you the news that Mark Bell, the man behind LFO, has sadly passed away. [more...]

Crowdfunding next for synthpop veteran Howard Jones
Oct 2014 15

Synthpop veteran Howard Jones is the latest in a long row of artists now turning towards crowdfunding to finance their projects. His upcoming project “Engage” is a multimedia, multigenre extravaganza that he wants to take on the road and also release on Bluray and DVD.


Oct 2014 15

We have just reviewed albums by Imogen Heap, Aphex Twin, Lights, Erasure, Youth Code and Presence of Mind.

Updated: New single from Agent Side Grinder on Progress on November 26
Oct 2014 15

Swedish industrial band Agent Side Grinder will return with a new single on November 26. This time they are on Progress Productions, home to Agent Side Grinder vocal collaborator Henric de la Cour.  [more...]

Industrial LA duo Youth Code releases extreme video
Oct 2014 16

Industrial LA duo Youth Code has just released a video for the song “Consuming Guilt”. Watch it below. [more...]

Massive Progress compilation with 28 tracks
Oct 2014 22

We have received Progress Productions’ 10th anniversary compilation and have the details. On November 26, we will be served a double-CD with 28 “exclusive or previously unreleased” tracks from artists like Scapa Flow, Henric de la Cour, Kite, Cryo, Necro Facility, Wulfband, The New Division, Hype, Spark!, Vanligt Folk, Dupont, Sturm Café. [more...]

Oct 2014 23

Watch the brand new Die Krupps video for “Robo Sapien”, taken from their latest album “The Machinists of Joy”.


Qntal returns in 1 month – listen to 3 songs from “Qntal VII”
Oct 2014 24

Qntal, with their unique blend of advanced electronic and medieval music, will release their new album “Qntal VII” in 1 month, on November 21. Listen to excerpts of the album songs ”Tenacious Love”, “Frühlingslied” and “Swaebende Wunne” below. [more...]

Listen to Susanne Sundfør’s new synthpop single
Oct 2014 24

Susanne Sundfør’s new album is called “Ten Love Songs” and scheduled for February 2015. The first single, synthpop affair “Fade Away”, is released today. [more...]

New Emigrate album from Richard Z Kruspe (Rammstein)
Oct 2014 24

Rammstein co-founder and guitarist Richard Z Kruspe’s other band Emigrate released their new video “Eat You Alive” today (watch below). The new album, “Silent So Long”, will hit the streets on November 14 (listen here). [more...]

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