The rumours were true, Aphex Twin returns
Aug 2014 19

The rumours were true, the British electronica renegade Aphex Twin will finally return with a new album in September.  [more...]

Westcoast Open Air moves dates; Electronic Summer 2015 set
Aug 2014 19

The new EBM and synthpop Westcoast Open Air festival in Backamo, 70 km from Gothenburg, was initially set for August 28-29, 2015. This is the Electronic Summer weekend since a couple of years back and Electronic Summer 2015 is scheduled for August 27-29. [more...]

Industrial newcomers Youth Code has “A Place to Stand”
Aug 2014 20

Los Angeles based Youth Code have quickly become popular and at the forefront of new – but old school – industrial music. Now they’re coming out with a new EP in September. Have a first listen after the jump.


Röyksopp & Robyn – Way Out West – Gothenburg – August 9 2014 – gallery
Aug 2014 22

Browse our gallery of Röyksopp, Robyn and Susanne Sundfør from their Way Out West performance in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik from Release took the pictures.


Aug 2014 26

Depeche Mode’s Andrew Fletcher accepted the ALS Association Ice Bucket Challange, after being nominated by his wife Grainne Fletcher (video below). Fletch nominated Martin L Gore, Mark Crossingham and Matt Cyzer. [more...]

Demo and extended remixes release from synthpop veteran Robert Marlow
Aug 2014 26

In September, a vinyl LP release called “The Blackwing Sessions 1982/83″ (Electro-Shock Records/Vinyl On Demand) from English synthpop veteran Robert Marlow will see the light of day. [more...]

Why festivals going under affects everyone in the scene
Aug 2014 27

By: Sebastian Hess & Henrik Wittgren (Organizers of Electronic Summer & Winter festivals in Gothenburg)

In the aftermath of Alt-Fest we wanted to share our thoughts about organizing events and festivals. Especially how high-risk festivals without proper funding jeopardize every other event and festival in the scene. [more...]

Kopfer Kat call it quits
Aug 2014 28

Hard electronics band Kopfer Kat has decided to quit. Kopfer Kat released the album “Skrammelpop” on Progress Productions in 2010. [more...]

Aug 2014 28

Einstürzende Neubauten will take their new “Lament” performance to a number of venues in November and December. The current tour schedule can be found before, and more dates will be added. [more...]

Aug 2014 28

“A Film of Faith and Devotion” about Depeche Mode Fans in Gothenburg will premiere at the Electronic Summer festival on Saturday, during 2 screenings, as part of a Depeche Mode Convention. Trailer below. [more...]

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