Nov 2020 13

Don’t miss our latest reviews of Synascape, Vogon Poetry, Linea Aspera, Autechre and Anna Öberg.

Nov 2020 10

Popular Swedish old school EBM band Sturm Café is back at it again, and now we can hear the fruits of the their labour via a new track on Bandcamp.


Watch/read DM’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech
Nov 2020 08

Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston, T. Rex, and the Doobie Brothers are inducted into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at broadcasted ceremony on HBO tonight. Watch the three Depeche members’ cheerful, relaxed and warm acceptance recording below. [more...]

New single from synthpop quartet Thermostatic
Nov 2020 06

Swedish synthpop band Thermostatic officially disbanded 10 years ago, but still managed to release a single and play live after that. Now they’re suddenly back with another new single.


Nov 2020 06

Cevin Key has been working on his next album for a while now, and it seems it’s getting ready to meet the world. First single “Thirteen” is out today.


Tom Wolgers from Lustans Lakejer is dead
Nov 2020 05

The Swedish keyboardist and songwriter Tom Wolgers died of cancer on Tuesday. The trained musician played an important role in the new romantic band Lustans Lakejer. [more...]

Nov 2020 04

Autechre follow up their recent release “Sign” with another new album. [more...]

Oct 2020 30

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Actors, Vogon Poetry, Gunship, Chris Imler and Diorama.

Open air live session with Karin My – Oct. 31 17:00 CET
Oct 2020 30

After more than a decade of working with bands like Carbon Based Lifeforms, Twice a Man, Hype, Coph Nia and many more, Karin My released three digital singles with four accompanying videos during the first half of 2019. [more...]

Massive box next for Pouppée Fabrikk
Oct 2020 30

Seemingly out of nowhere it has recently been announced that Swedish EBM giants (literally!) have compiled a huge retrospective box containing more than six hours of music and 94 tracks. [more...]

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