Jun 2019 18

Our Nordic live guide On Stage is updated daily. The latest additions: Nitzer Ebb, Hatari, Twilight Sad and more. Also club dates: Tech Noir, Klubb Död, The Altern80s Club, Dark Park and more.

Jun 2019 18

Johan Carlsson has reviewed the new album from electronic duo Cryo: “The Fall of Man”. “It’s filled with atmosphere, brittle electronics, infectious grooves and some of the fattest bass lines of 2019″, he writes. Read the review.

Listen to the return of Iris
Jun 2019 14

After a long hiatus since 2014, American synthpop legends Iris are set to return with a new album. We mentioned this in May when we wrote about their anniversary concert, and now we have more details as well as a sample track.


Jun 2019 10

The classic EBM and synthpop club Tech Noir in Stockholm will be reborn. [more...]

Jun 2019 10

Henric de la Cour is back with the single “A Texas Dream / Fear The City Inside” and a brand new, cute video for the A-side. Watch it below. [more...]

The new Combichrist reviewed
Jun 2019 05

Read our review of Combichrist’s new album “One Fire”. Other new reviews include The Chemical Brothers, Holly Herndon and Agent Side Grinder.

Two new Depeche Mode singles boxes released this week
Jun 2019 01

The two latest additions to the new Depeche Mode collector’s edition single box sets are out this week. [more...]

May 2019 31

Underworld have released a new double A-side single “Listen to Their No/ Soniamode (Aditya Game Version)”. They have also announced a new album to follow soon – to be called “Drift Songs”. [more...]

A third new Rammstein video – “Ausländer” – tonight
May 2019 28

Rammstein will post their third high budget video in two months tonight. [more...]

May 2019 27

Our Nordic live guide On Stage has been updated with Hatari, Drab Majesty (several dates), Twilight Sad (several dates), Kalabalik på Tyrolen additions, In the Nursery, Waves of Darkness pre-party and more.

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