Marc and the Mambas and Diamanda Galas invited to Meltdown
May 2012 02

Marc & The Mambas (Marc Almond’s old band from 1982-83), Diamanda Galas, Cyclobe, Myminerest, Elisabeth Fraser, Laurie Anderson and Planningtorock are part of the line-up when Antony (Antony and the Johnsons) directs Meltdown 2012. [more...]

S.P.O.C.K “Best of” compilation is here
May 2012 09

Swedish synthpop act S.P.O.C.K signed with Toronto’s Artoffact label a while ago and the first release is a “Best of” compilation called “Another Piece of the Action – The Best of the SubSpace Years”. [more...]

Dead Can Dance release date set
May 2012 10

Dead Can Dance’s comeback album is now set for an August 9 release. August 9 also marks the start of their extensive tour. [more...]

Björk cancels concert dates
May 2012 11

Björk has cancelled several concert dates including Sónar São Paulo, Primavera Sound, Optimus Primavera Sound and Balaton Sound because of a polyp near her vocal chords. [more...]

Psyche classics remastered
May 2012 15

Infacted Recordings in Germany continue with their massive undertaking: a synthpop and EBM classics collection with 30 releases. [more...]

May 2012 16

Swedish label Complete Control Productions (CCP) which has specialized in hard electronic bands, has signed Belgian band Organic. It’s a duo that mixes electronics with “the power of fuzzy post punk bass”. [more...]

VNV Nation give away remix EP
May 2012 18

“Crossing the Divide EP” is a new free EP from VNV Nation, out now at Soundcloud. [more...]

Recoil’s Bluray out soon
May 2012 22

While Alan Wilder and Paul Kendall performed as Recoil in Budapest on December 4 2010, a team from Umatik headed by director Attila Herko filmed the performance. It was filmed in full HD and will only be available on the Bluray format, and both Alan and Paul worked on the sound mix. [more...]

X Marks Pedwalk returns in September
Jun 2012 01

The legendary German dark electronic project X Marks the Pedwalk will return with the album “The Sun, The Cold and My Underwater Fear”. [more...]

Jun 2012 14

Berlin’s E-tropolis festival was supposed to take place in September 2012, but “the original date collided with the agendas of various high-profile artists”, the organisers write. [more...]

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