Check out album teaser from outrun electro band Perturbator
Jun 2014 13

So called outrun electro is all the rage now, with all its 80:s aesthetics. Perturbator is James Kent from England, and the new album “Dangerous Days” comes out on June 17.


Front Line Assembly, Göta Källare, Stockholm, June 9 2014 – gallery
Jun 2014 13

Release’s Jonas Carlson has published a gallery with photos from the Front Line Assembly concert in Stockholm on June 9. [more...]

Second album from restarted Bal Paré is here – listen to snippets
Jun 2014 16

Bal Paré was a classic minimal wave band from the 80:s that released 2 classic albums: “Hamburg Paris Catania” and “Metamorphose”. They were covered in Release as far back as in the late 80:s. [more...]

Rational Youth, Psyche, I Satellite, SMPJ, Musikens Hus, Gothenburg, May 2 2014 – gallery
Jun 2014 16

Rational Youth, Psyche, I Satellite and Sista Mannen på Jorden were shot by our photographer Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik when they performed in Gothenburg on May 2 2014. [more...]

New Goldfrapp video and deluxe release
Jun 2014 17

Watch the new Goldfrapp video “Jo” below. Goldfrapp will also release a deluxe edition of “Tales of Us” on June 30. [more...]

Austra’s brand new EP “Habitat” is out today
Jun 2014 17

Canada’s Austra have released their brand new 4-track EP “Habitat” today, via Domino.  [more...]

Mesh-produced Sinestar EP in time for Basildon event
Jun 2014 17

Richard Silverthorn from Mesh have produced the new EP from another Bristol band – Sinestar. The first track “The Same Way” is a free download and the physical EP will be out in time for the BAS event in Basildon on June 20-21, where Sinestar, Mesh, Robert Marlow and others will perform. [more...]

Jun 2014 18

Our latest reviews: Planet, Keluar, Plastic Noise Experience and Vaniish. Go to Music Reviews and check them out.

Jun 2014 21

Electronic musician and singer Andreas Rimheden has a background in bands like Morticians and Nervkållaps. These days he does synthpop with Swedish lyrics in his own projekt Blippblopporkestern. [more...]

Argentinian band Vólkova releases new minimal synth on Peruan label
Jun 2014 23

We don’t get a lot of electronic music from Argentina, but the minimal synth band Vólkova is an exception and has in just about a year showed that they are very productive. [more...]

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