Bodyfest – Nalen – Stockholm – November 1 2014 – report with gallery
Nov 2014 11

The annual EBM party Bodyfest was held at Nalen in Stockholm on November 1 2014. The lineup consisted of 7 bands, crammed into one evening: 11 hours of EBM to be expected. Here is Fredrik Wik’s report, followed by his extensive photo gallery. [more...]

Susanne Sundfør – Sentrum Scene – Oslo – November 20-21 2014 – report with gallery
Dec 2014 12

Release’s Fredrik Wik brought his cameras and went to Oslo for two Susanne Sundfør concerts. Read his report and browse the gallery. [more...]

Front 242 – Debaser Medis – Stockholm – December 14 2014 – gallery
Dec 2014 22

Front 242 visited Sweden for 2 successful shows in Malmö and Stockholm in mid December. Release web developer and photographer Jonas Carlson Almqvist went to the Stockholm concert and here is his gallery with 21 pictures. [more...]

Talking to Iris
Jan 2015 02

Iris has been one of the best synthpop bands to come out of the US, and they’ve stayed on top for 15 years. After a 4 year hiatus following the last album ”Blacklight” they’re now back together and have recently released ”Radiant”, a worthy follow-up. We got in contact with Reagan Jones and Andrew Sega. [more...]

Electronic Winter – Brewhouse – Gothenburg – December 20 2014 – gallery
Jan 2015 14

A gallery of artists and visitors by Release guest photographer Martin Wilson from the Electronic Winter Festival in Gothenburg on December 20 2014. Combichrist, William Control, Twice a Man, Digidroid, Telemark, Darrin Huss and Eddie Bengtsson on stage. [more...]

Catching up with Australian electronic pop act Parralox
Jan 2015 15

Release writer Sebastian Hess met up with Australian electronic pop act Parralox just as they were about to hit the stage and open for Erasure in London. Sebastian has followed the band very closely since their early days. He booked them for a concert in Sweden back in 2010 and also for the Electronic Summer festival in 2012. Being an avid supporter of hard working indie acts he couldn’t help feeling very happy seeing Parralox get a chance like this.


Erasure – Copenhagen & London – December 11, 14, 15 2014 – gallery
Jan 2015 16

Browse a collection of photos from Erasure concerts in Copenhagen and London, by Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik, below. [more...]

DAF quit after 36 years
Jan 2015 26

On January 22, Robert Görl and Gabi Delgado agreed to end DAF after 36 (!) years. [more...]

Kollaps festival interview – it’s the mix that matters
Jan 2015 28

The first Kollaps festival for underground electronic music in Stockholm was successful. So, on January 30-31 it’s time for the second incarnation – a 2-day event on 3 stages with Clock DVA, Youth Code (pic), In Aeternam Vale, Dive, Ancient Methods, Henric de la Cour and lots of others. Kollaps is different. Fewer safe bets like VNV Nation and Page; bands that always play. Instead, more odd and unique bookings uniting the classic synth and the intellegent techno scenes. We talked to Jonas from Kollaps. [more...]

Alison Moyet tour interview – a return to electronic music
Feb 2015 06

Release writer Sebastian Hess caught up with Alison Moyet about a week before the start of her 2015 tour. The tour kicks off in Malmö, Sweden on February 12 and takes her to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. “There will be Yazoo songs and it will be a show for the fans who love the electronic music”, she says.

The interview came to touch subjects as diverse as her thoughts on touring, her experiences of the music business – and why she hasn’t been to any Southend United FC games this year.


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