Sep 2018 28

In conjunction with the recently released “Planet Jarre” compilation album, Jean-Michel Jarre has recorded a podcast, detailing his career from the humble beginnings in Lyon, to the electronic giant he is today.


Vintage tunes from Covenant and live debut for Zynic
Sep 2018 24

Covenant will focus on songs from their first two albums during a concert night in Gothenburg on January 12 called We All Feel Better in the Dark. [more...]

Sep 2018 21

Mysterious ”collapsing” Aphex Twin Logos started appearing around the globe last month – including London Underground station Elephant and Castle (once believed to be the home of the elusive electronic artist).  [more...]

Sep 2018 20

Peter Spilles – the mastermind behind Project Pitchfork – started a huge project that began with the last album “Akkretion”, themed around “genesis” and the birth of the stars and the planets. [more...]

New Jean-Michel Jarre album “Equinoxe: Infinity” coming in November
Sep 2018 14

On the release date of Jean-Michel Jarre’s best-of album “Planet Jarre”, a new track from yet another new Jarre album has been posted online.


Sep 2018 14

In case you missed it, longtime Release favorite Pig (Raymond Watts) and singer, actress and ex porn star Sasha Grey have joined forces to make a cover of KC & The Sunshine Band’s song “That’s The Way (I Like It)”. [more...]

Swedish live debut for synthpop newcomers Seadrake
Sep 2018 13

The German-Swedish synthpop band Seadrake, with members from Akanoid, Statemachine, Lowe, Minerve and Dark Millennium, will play live in Sweden for the first time this weekend. [more...]

Howard Jones to release mega box sets of first two albums
Sep 2018 12

A while ago, Howard Jones managed to get hold of the rights to his earlier material, which used to be owned by his former label. Now that he is in charge again, things have started to happen. Like the upcoming mega box sets of “Human’s Lib” and “Dream Into Action”.


Sep 2018 12

Kevin “Ogre” Ogilvie is out on tour in support of Ohgr’s “Tricks” album, together with Paul Barker’s Lead Into Gold project. A couple of hours before the Philadelphia show, he was attacked outside the tour bus and consequently his jaw was broken.


More info regarding the upcoming VNV Nation album
Sep 2018 10

In preparation for the fall release, VNV Nation just released some tidbits of info regarding their new album.


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