Finnish electro outfit Blastromen returns
Jul 2018 18

If you like your electro fast, pulsating and full of vocoders and bleeps, you could do a lot worse than checking out the newly released album by Blastromen.


Jul 2018 16

Back in 1990 the stars aligned and Bill Leeb from Front Line Assembly, and Dwayne Goettel and Cevin Key from Skinny Puppy joined forces to create the one-off project Cyberaktif. They released two singles and the album “Tenebrae Vision”. Now Artoffact is re-releasing it on double CD, digitally remastered.


Time for the 14th Amphi Festival – a black celebration
Jul 2018 12

Amphi Festival is soon upon us for its 14th edition, at Tanzbrunnen in the center of the fair area in Cologne. They invite fans and supporters of the dark scenes to a massive “family gathering” on the flood banks of the river Rhine. [more...]

Jul 2018 11

Dark synthpop/goth/postpunk icon Henric de la Cour will release a new album in the autumn. It’s called ”Gimme Daggers” and will be out on Progress Productions.

Jul 2018 07

Don’t miss our Playlist with new music recommendations, listed in the menu under Features.

Jul 2018 03

Synthpop veterans Page have a new product: “Start EP”, which included an Apoptygma Berzerk “redux” of the song “Krasch”. [more...]

New album and tour from Covenant. In 2019?
Jun 2018 28

Seemingly out of the blue, Covenant has revealed that a new album is coming, as well as a tour of Europe. [more...]

Jun 2018 24

A new track “I’ll See Big” has surfaced, one of a new joint EP of tracks done in collaboration between Iggy Pop and Underworld. [more...]

Jun 2018 21

A year after the announcement of an online Pledgemusic campaign, Mark Walk and Nivek Ogre’s fifth full Ohgr album release “Tricks” has finally become available as a digital download. [more...]

Jun 2018 20

Time flies. It’s been 30 years since Depeche Mode’s legendary “101″ gig in Pasadena.

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