May 2013 27

Italian electro-techno-goth band XP8 have a new album out soon. It’s called “Adrenochrome” and is described by the bands as “their most mature and best material to date”. They’ve moved away from record labels this time and are now totally independent, so they’re running a crowdfunding campaign to help out with the album.


SMP mourns the “Death of the Format”
May 2013 28

Industrial rock band Sounds of Mass Production – aka SMP – will release their seventh studio album “Death of the Format” on WTII Records. Jason Bazinet, the mastermind behind SMP, has worked on the album for 2 years, and now it’s ready to hit the shelves on June 11.  [more...]

Album nostalgia – Mesh talks about their previous albums
Jun 2013 05

We asked Mesh to comment on all their previous albums, one by one.


The year of Mesh
Jun 2013 05

Mesh has been on a roll this year, with the fantastic album “Automation Baby” which is already on my “Best of 2013” list. Coupled with a successful tour, it’s quite clear that Mesh is one of the biggest acts in the scene today. It was about time we caught up with them again, and so I called up Richard Silverthorn at his Bristol home and had a little chat.


Henric de la Cour returns with “Mandrills” – and a movie
Jul 2013 10

Henric de la Cour’s solo album was a chilling and excellent effort, and now he’s poised to return with “Mandrills” (Progress Productions) in September. It was recorded in Barnhus Zoo Studios in Stockholm together with Henric’s former Yvonne bandmate Rikard Lindh, and is described as a “dark, dystopian journey that holds strong melodies”.  [more...]

Remix album from Front Line Assembly is on its way
Jul 2013 10

We recently had a long chat with Mr Front Line Assembly himself: Bill Leeb, and a longer article will be published shortly. Not only do you have the excellent FLA album “Echogenetic” to look forward to (out this week); the band is also putting together a remix album. [more...]

Front Line Assembly and Bill Leeb go full circle
Jul 2013 18

Bill Leeb and his band Front Line Assembly have been around since 1986, showing an impressive longevity and innovation in a somewhat stale genre. Last year we got the soundtrack “Airmech”, where their sound was infused with the sound of today, and this burst of creativity continued into “Echogenetic”, the latest album. I called up Bill himself in his Vancouver home to talk about the making of it.


Aug 2013 24

Ohm is the new project from Chris Peterson (Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Noise Unit, Will, Decree) and Craig Joseph Huxtable (Landscape Body Machine, Noise Unit). The Canadian boys (Chris is based in Vancouver, Craig in Victoria) have been working on their debut album for quite some time, but the wait is almost over.


Sep 2013 13

A short while ago, we wrote about the end of Code 64. After disbanding Code 64, the two members Bjørn Marius Borg and Hasse Mattsson have now unveiled their new project. It’s called Xenturion Prime, and they describe the sound as a “hybrid of electronic industrial and synthpop with cutting edge EDM and epic orchestral soundscapes”. Or “powersynth” as they call it. [more...]

“Leaving Babylon” – track by track commentary by Covenant
Oct 2013 18

Read extensive track-by-track comments on “Leaving Babylon” by Joakim Montelius, Eskil Simonsson and Daniel Jonasson. It’s a unique closer look at an album from the artist’s perspective. [more...]

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