Karin Park – This Is Hultsfred – August 15 2015 – gallery
Aug 2015 19

Photos from the Hultsfred gig with synthpop artist Karin Park, by Martin Wilson (Release). [more...]

Vanbot – This Is Hultsfred – August 14 2015 – gallery
Aug 2015 19

Martin Wilson, who has previously photographed Electronic Winter, Where’s the Music and Roskilde for us, brought his camera to the concert with synthpop act Vanbot at the This Is Hultsfred festival. Browse the gallery below. [more...]

Susanne Sundfør – Way Out West – Gothenburg – August 13 2015 – gallery
Aug 2015 14

Browse a collection of photos (with comments) from Susanne Sundfør’s Way Out West performance, by Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik, below. [more...]

Roskilde Festival – Denmark – June 27-July 4, 2015 – gallery
Jul 2015 13

Martin Wilson grabbed Release’s Roskilde photo pass and shot artists like Einstürzende Neubauten, Susanne Sundfør, Die Antwoord, bob hund, Vök and Thåström. Browse his gallery. [more...]

Sonar – Barcelona – June 18-20 2015 – report
Jun 2015 29

It’s always good to be back at Sonar, after all it means being back in the centre of Barcelona, probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also, Sonar is one of those festivals that doesn’t pander to commercialism as such – it’s true, you do have the big names (this year Chemical Brothers (main pic), ASAP Rocky and Duran Duran are some of the acts fulfilling this criteria), but it is more about the music you don’t know that make it an exciting proposition. So it was with eagerness that I went through all my formalities before entering into the arena of sound that is Sonar by Day. [more...]

Agent Side Grinder – Debaser Medis – Stockholm – April 24 2015 – gallery
Apr 2015 27

Klubb Död put industrial postpunk band Agent Side Grinder (with Kite as guests) and support act Raba-HIFF on the Debaser Medis stage in Stockholm. Jan-Erik Saarinen shot some pictures. [more...]

Bloc with Autechre, Jon Hopkins, Modeselektor, Clark etc – Minehead – UK – March 13-15 2015 – report
Mar 2015 31

It seems strange to say this, but believe me, it seems even weirder actually being here – yet here I sit in a chalet in the middle of Butlins in a small town called Minehead, recovering from an epic festival of electronic music called Bloc. It feels so much like deja vu that I could almost believe the last few years never happened. Let me guide you back through the return of Bloc to the festival stage. [more...]

Kollaps #2 – mixed images – Stockholm – January 30-31 2015 – gallery
Mar 2015 03

Mixed photos (Minuit Machine, DiscoDeath, Negro Voda, Echo West, Tanz ohne Musik, The Devil and the Universe) by Jonas Carlson Almqvist (Release) from the Kollaps #2 festival – Slakthuset in Stockholm. [more...]

The Mobile Homes – Kollaps #2 – Stockholm – January 31 2015 – gallery
Mar 2015 03

Photos by Jonas Carlson Almqvist (Release) from the concert with The Mobile Homes at the Kollaps #2 festival – Slakthuset in Stockholm.  [more...]

Clock DVA – Kollaps #2 – Stockholm – January 31 2015 – gallery
Feb 2015 27

Photos by Jonas Carlson Almqvist (Release) from the Clock DVA concert at the Kollaps #2 festival – Slakthuset in Stockholm.  [more...]

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