Mar 2021 14

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Dependent signs electro industrial project Mildreda
Mar 2021 14

German electronic music label Dependent has signed experienced Belgian electro industrial project Mildreda. Watch/listen to the album teaser below. [more...]

Alphaville remasters and Schiller remix of “Summer in Berlin”
Mar 2021 12

German synthpop legends Alphaville are in the process of remastering their second and third album. Meanwhile, German electronic project Schiller has made a new well-received version of “Summer in Berlin” and you can watch the video below. [more...]

Mar 2021 11

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Sturm Café, Karin My, Perturbator,  The Mobile Homes feat. Johan Renck, Kanga, Lars Falk (ex Twice a Man), Intrelock, The Anix, Schiller / Alphaville, Christian Gabel, Red Mecca, Part2 and Airghoul / Priest.

New single & video with Mobile Homes feat. Johan Renck
Mar 2021 05

The new single and video, ”The Sorrow Stays for Good”, from The Mobile Homes featuring Johan Renck (Stakka Bo) is out today. [more...]

Perturbator goes EBM on new track
Mar 2021 05

French synthwave superstar Perturbator is back with new material. [more...]

Mar 2021 02

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Echo Image (remixed by Apoptygma Berzerk), Kreign, Actors, Dive, Solar Fake, Seven Trees, Black Nail Cabaret and Blutengel. Another update is imminent – a lot going on now.

Mar 2021 01

The winners of the Manifest Awards have been presented. [more...]

First single from Echo Image in 20 years
Mar 2021 01

Norwegian synthpop band Echo Image burned bright and fast back in 2001 when they released the acclaimed album “Compuphonic” – and then more or less disappeared. As we wrote one year ago, they’re back.


New song/video from Kreign, taken from new Scanner comp.
Feb 2021 26

Arizona EBM duo Kreign released their critically acclaimed debut album last year and now they’re back with a new energetic song. Watch the video below. [more...]

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