Nov 2020 13

Geoffrey D. and his highly coveted minimal synth project Position Parallèle have just released a new album. [more...]

New Funker Vogt album in January
Dec 2020 16

Following the “Conspiracy” EP, released just when the world started falling apart (March 27), Funker Vogt are back with a full album on January 29th. [more...]

Dec 2020 21

Sven Friedrich and his beloved Solar Fake have completed a new album. Like countless other records put out this year, one can assume the theme by the album’s title: “Enjoy Dystopia”. [more...]

Jan 2021 21

The highly anticipated new Sturm Café album edges closer. [more...]

New catchy pop single from Raindancer
Jan 2021 22

Swedish pop duo Raindancer has risen from the ashes to give us a brand new single. [more...]

“Happy End!” for electronic pop duo Foretaste
Feb 2021 03

Last Friday, January 29th, saw the release of a brand new album by French label Boredom Product flagship: pop duo Foretaste. [more...]

Feb 2021 04

The fourth and final single from the current Vogon Poetry album “Deep Thought” will be out in its entirety on February 26th. [more...]

Synthpop label Conzoom marches on – “Electropop 18″ is here
Feb 2021 08

German synthpop label Conzoom shows no signs of slowing down. Yet another entry in their popular “Electropop” series will be released on February 19th, namely number 18. [more...]

Feb 2021 26

The Best of 2020 list and a Spotify list from Niklas Forsberg, Release Magazine. [more...]

Synthpop/postpunk outfit VEX unveiling his debut album today
Mar 2021 26

New Swedish outfit VEX will present their new album “Average Minds Think Alike” today, March 26th. Behind the name hides Tobias Kastberg (from electropunk duo The Guilt) and his army of instruments. [more...]

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