Jul 2017 23

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Mexico’s Hocico gets the best of treatment
Jul 2017 26

August 2 will see the release of the best of album “The Spell of the Spider” from aggressive electronic duo Hocico. [more...]

Watch the new Numan
Jul 2017 28

Gary Numan’s video for ”My Name Is Ruin” that we mentioned a while ago is here. You can watch it below. [more...]

Jul 2017 30

Lustans Lakejer plan to record their two Stockholm concerts on October 20-21 for a live DVD and album. [more...]

Jul 2017 30

The Gothenburg synthpop trio Vogon Poetry has just released their first single, the uptempo song “The Heart of Gold”, from their third album “Life, the Universe and Everything”. [more...]

Jul 2017 30

The August issue of the German magazine Musikexpress includes a Kraftwerk 7″ with a radio edit of “Die Roboter”. [more...]

Jul 2017 31

This year’s Bodyfest at Nalen in Stockholm will take place on October 7. [more...]

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