Depeche Mode, Gothenburg, December 11 2013 – gallery
Dec 2013 20

Fredrik “Schlatta” Svensson put Release’s Depeche Mode photo pass in Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden, to good use. Try out our brand new gallery functions. Photo galleries are posted in REVIEWS – LIVE REVIEWS AND PHOTOS. Here we also post live reports. [more...]

Nov 2013 05

Release’s Jonas Carlson took some good pics of Pankow, Pouppée Fabrikk, Spark! and The Neon Judgement at the annual Bodyfest at Nalen in Stockholm. [more...]

Alison Moyet, Cardiff October 19 & Bristol October 20, 2013 – report
Nov 2013 01

This May Alison Moyet released her album “The Minutes”, her first since the 2007’s “The Turn”. It is a more electronic album then her last couple of adventures and when a tour promoting the album was announced I immediately looked for suitable dates to attend. Oddly enough the only dates I could manage was Bristol and Cardiff, which perhaps is not my first choice of cities to visit, but they both proved to be nice destinations. I really enjoyed the concerts which included 4 Yazoo songs.


Sonar, Barcelona, June 13-16 2013 – report
Jun 2013 26

Release’s Mike Whyte reports from Sonar in Barcelona where he had a great time and caught performances with Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Skrillex, Justice, Lindstrom and Todd Terje, Karl Hyde, Atom TM and many many more. [more...]

Record Store Day, London, April 20 2013
May 2013 06

From what started off as a small celebration for independent music stores in the US in 2007, and the UK later, Record Store Day has turned into a worldwide celebration of the remaining record stores, vinyl and in a larger sense, the independent music scene.

Hurts, Stockholm, March 18 2013 – report
Mar 2013 19

I went to see Hurts at Debaser Medis here in Stockholm. The gig was sold out, and the lads delivered a great show with songs from the new album “Exile” as well as their debut “Happiness”. [more...]

Kraftwerk, Düsseldorf, Germany, January 11-20 2013 – report
Jan 2013 30

Fredrik “Schlatta” Svensson went to Düsseldorf to watch some of Kraftwerk’s 10 3D full album concerts in their own hometown. He came back with an interesting, detailed report, set lists and photos. He also met 3 out of 4 Kraftwerk members.


Sparks, Two Hands One Mouth Tour, Brighton, UK, October 25 2012 – report
Oct 2012 26

Sparks, brothers Ron and Russell Mael, have released 22 albums during the last 40 years. They have always been lurking in my record collection but I have never had the chance to see them live. Until now that is. [more...]

Electronic Summer, Brewhouse, Gothenburg, Sweden, August 31-September 1 2012 – report
Sep 2012 04

Electronic Summer is a new indoor festival at the multi venue in Gothenburg, organized by Depeche Mode Party Gothenburg and PK Musik. The former consists of two seasoned people in the electronic scene – Henrik Wittgren and Sebastian Hess – and together they managed to run a very successful event, with a synthpop slant. After a draught of big events in the synth genre here in Sweden there seemed to be an unmet need in people that they could satisfy, and it was very close to sold out. Lots of familiar faces came out for this, and there have been an unanimous praise of the festival afterwards.


Kraftwerk, Way out West, Gothenburg, Sweden, August 11 2012 – report
Aug 2012 24

During 2011 Kraftwerk introduced a new live show in Munich and in the spring of 2012 Kraftwerk performed 8 nights in a row at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. During these concerts some new 3D projections were shown and continuing that theme it has taken Kraftwerk to the US, Japan, Brazil and to my personal joy Gothenburg and the Way out West festival. [more...]

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