Niklas Forsberg


Machinista: “Xenoglossy”
Emotion-packed electronic pop of the finest brand. More to come in 2015!

Daily Planet: “Two”
Johan and Jarmo work their magic again. Time stands still.

23rd Underpass: “Real Life”
The Greek italo wonder in full bloom.

Iamamiwhoami: “Blue”
Ice cold, yet stunningly and beautifully warm indie tinged electro.

Xenturion Prime: “Mecha Rising”
The logical continuation of the Code 64 legacy. “Power synth”? Yes indeed.

Röyksopp: “The Inevitable End”
I was wondering when they would find the right balance. The answer is now.

Deine Lakaien: “Crystal Palace”
The ever evolving duo. Tons of experience and talent packed into this gem.

Keluar: “Keluar”
Unique and quirky, Keluar proves the electronic scene can still surprise.

Tres: “InTRESsant”
Quite scrappy sound quality here and there, but this treasure of old demos was both necessary and brilliant.

Void Vision: “Sub Rosa”
One woman and her machines. A whirlwind of italo and cold wave.


Vogon Poetry: “The Diceman”
Soothing, sugar coated synthpop in stark contrast to the lyrical theme based on George Cockcroft’s classic novel.

Kite: “True Colours”
First appetizer from the “VI” EP. Full of desperation and emotion, yet more beautiful than ever.

Susanne Sundfør: “Fade away”
Let’s all pray for this sound to spread its tentacles all over the new album.

Iris: “Cries of Insanity”
A highlight from an overly slow album. Harkens back to the glorious “Awakening” days.

Agent Side Grinder: “This Is Us”
Hypnotic and direct, this marks something new for ASG.

Kristian Conde: “It’s a Dream”
Heartbreaking euro disco. Naïve, sure, but the melodies are to die for.

Blastromen: “Sidtroen”
Ultra cool robotic electro from Finland.

Live artist

Watching Ralf and his recruits in the middle of Dalecarlia felt both strange and magical.



Strong, powerful vocals in sync with beautiful melodies are not new ingredients, but always successful.



For exquisite collaborations and for releasing their best work to date.