Niklas Forsberg



Retronic Voice: “The Awakening” Spotify
Feeding the nostalgic in me, yet bringing something fresh. German-Swedish italo bomb.

Trust: “TRST” Spotify
Recent discovery and an instant favourite.

Ultravox: “Brilliant” Spotify
Just hearing Midge howl again made me childishly happy. I never expected such a superb comeback.

Spark!: ”Hela din värld” Spotify
Pop flavoured and melodic, as it turns out, was the way to go for Spark!.

Various Artists: “Dögrävardisko – En samling svensk elektronik 1980-2012”
A collector’s wet dream and on cassette no less. Tons of unique material.

Kontravoid: “Kontravoid” Spotify
Cameron Findlay tries new ways and is rewarded accordingly.

Miami Nights 1984: “Turbulence” Spotify
Perfect project name – perfect album.

Grimes: “Visions” Spotify
Everything has been said. Pure, raw talent.

PA Tronic: “Ute på vift”
Their eighties recordings finally released officially. Kudos to Dödsdans Rekords.

Moonlight Cove: “Hearts of the World” Spotify
Another packet of highly entertaining electropop.



Twins Natalia: “I Avoid Strangers”
Unrelenting analogue dancefloor scorcher.

Pet Shop Boys: “Memories of the Future” Spotify
A melancholic ray of light from the black hole that is “Elysium”.

The Silicon Scientist: “Sights”
Otherworldly and atmospheric, this brilliant vocoder pearl sends me into orbit.

Lindström: “Faar-i-kaal” Spotify
Cold Norwegian synthesizer bliss.

Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør: “Ice Machine”
Taken to a new dimension and showcasing a minimal classic to a wider audience.


Live Artist

Universal Poplab
Energetic live show, hopefully increasing the chances of a new album soon.



Essential nu-italo.

Quality synthpop – Sweden style.

Retronic Voice
Finally someone combined the melody crazy spacesynth sound with infectious pop. Hats off.