Niklas Forsberg


Chvrches: “The Bones of What You Believe” Spotify
Another vote for these charming Scots. Top marks in all aspects.

Nine Inch Nails: “Hesitation Marks” Spotify
Moving emphatically back to electronics, Reznor’s gritty vibe shines again.

Northern Kind: “Credible Sexy Unit” Spotify
More vintage tinged and suddenly everything falls into place.

OMD: “English Electric” Spotify
The definite highlight for me last year. A return to form one could only dream of. Fingers crossed they will continue.

Marnie: “Crystal World” Spotify
Tweaking and adding more pop to the Ladytron formula, Marnie has created a real gem.

Position Parallele: “Neon Blancs” Spotify
The French have always been good at minimal synth, but Position Parallele are not good, they are brilliant!

Henric de la Cour: “Mandrills” Spotify
It is always a pleasure to hear an artist who gets better with each output. I really liked Yvonne, but Henric does it best on his own.

Laugh Clown Laugh: “Laugh Clown Laugh” Spotify
Lost 1980:s recordings finally released officially. British synthpop galore!

Blackie: “Morgen über uns”
Minimalistic and equipped with EBM aesthetics, this German pearl came out of nowhere.

Depeche Mode: “Delta Machine” Spotify
It took me a long time to get over the disappointment that was “Heaven”, but the album holds some treasures. Martin, don’t forget the melodies!



Marsheaux: “Inhale” Spotify
Punky dancefloor bomb and title track from their latest album.

Depeche Mode: “All That’s Mine” Spotify
Stripped down and melodically beautiful, this was tucked away as a B-side to the dreadful “Heaven”.

Pet Shop Boys: “Love Is a Bourgeois Construct” Spotify
Strong as “Go West” or “It’s A Sin”, this showed the lads still can if they feel like it.

VNV Nation: “If I Was”
It may be typical, but noone writes electro hymns like these better than Ronan Harris.

Sweeps: “The Last Dream (Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff Remix)”
Dreamy synthpop turned italo night club magic.


Live Artists




If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!

Figure Study
Ice cold electronics that warms the heart.

Red hot Swedish duo destined for great things in 2014.



Depeche Mode
For bringing us a decent album after the lackluster “Sounds of the Universe”.

A real gutsy effort that really paid off.

The combo of Paul Humphreys and Andy McCluskey seem unbeatable. Please give us more.