Mar 2015 25

For the 8th time the annual Record Store Day is coming up. On April 18, a vast number of special and limited editions will be released. [more...]

Susanne Sundfør – Way Out West – Gothenburg – August 13 2015 – gallery
Aug 2015 14

Browse a collection of photos (with comments) from Susanne Sundfør’s Way Out West performance, by Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik, below. [more...]

Susanne Sundfør and Pet Shop Boys – Way Out West – Gothenburg – August 13-14 2015 – report
Sep 2015 08

This year’s edition, year 9 since the start, of the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg was a bit special for me. The line-up did not excite me much except for two acts: Susanne Sundfør and Pet Shop Boys. Add a severe case of the shingles and my energy levels were at a minimum. So I decided to visit the festival for only two gigs. No loitering around discovering new artists for me this year, so this report will be short and to the point. Don’t miss the photo gallery at the bottom. [more...]

Gothenburg trio Silent Wave releases second single
Oct 2015 08

Gothenburg based trio Silent Wave (Tildeh Hjelm, Hans Olsson Brookes and new drummer Martin Öhman), will release their brand new single “Dancing Away from You” / “War” on November 5. [more...]

Kraftwerk danced with Detroit techno legends behind the boards
Oct 2015 09

Kraftwerk are just finishing off the North American leg of their 3D world tour; they have played a dozen dates in USA and Canada. On October 5, they played at the Masonic Temple Theatre in Detroit. [more...]

Covenant transforms: Daniel steps down, Daniel steps in
Oct 2015 09

Former band member Daniel Myer will return to Covenant for live duties, as Daniel Jonasson takes paternity leave. [more...]

DAF – Inkonst – Malmö – Sweden – October 10 2015 – mini report with gallery
Oct 2015 21

DAF, Gabi Delgado and Robert Görl, played at Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden, on October 10 2015 (photo gallery below!). Before the gig there was a session in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut, where Mats Almegård from Gram(m)ofon interviewed the band. [more...]

electriXmas – Malmö – December 12, 2015 – report with gallery
Jan 2016 08

On December 12, 2015 the annual one-day synthpop and EBM festival electriXmas was held for the 13th time since the start in 2002 (there was no festival in 2013). And One, Dive, Saft, Frontal and Guilt Trip played at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden, which wasn’t sold out. Here’s our report and don’t miss the extensive photo gallery at the end. [more...]

Jan 2016 13

Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik has published his 2015 list with his favourite albums, songs, live artists, newcomers and artists. There’s a Spotify playlist too. Click here to see Fredrik’s list.

Apr 2016 08

Following the end of the Torsten the Beautiful Libertine performances, Andy Bell returned to his home in Florida where he and Vince Clarke met last weekend to plan the schedule for and work on the forthcoming Erasure album. [more...]

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