Apr 2021 27

German industrial / EBM legends Die Krupps have put together a cover album, featuring songs from bands such as  Sparks, The Neon Judgement, Devo, Blue Öyster Cult, The Stranglers, Queen, B-Movie, Fad Gadget and MCL.


Staying Sane with Fix8:Sed8 – interview
Apr 2021 27

Fix8:Sed8 have steadily been rising through the ranks of the electro industrial scene, getting stronger and stronger with each release. Melding Vancouver industrial à la Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly with its own twists and turns, the latest album “The Inevitable Relapse” further cements the band’s position. So we figured it was time to reach out to the man behind the name, Martin Sane. [more...]

Electronic re-interpretations on new cover EP by Lønnkrog
Apr 2021 28

Lønnkrog (means speakeasy) is the electronica project by Brotherhood vocalist Micke Lönngren, who uses a Martin Gore-inspired angle when presenting music under this pseudo. [more...]

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