Jul 2018 24

Check out the autumn’s and winter’s live, festival and club dates in our Nordic guide On Stage (in all other sections we cover the whole world though).

All good things must come to and end
Jul 2018 25

Depeche Mode’s successful ”Global Spirit Tour” has come to and end. As previosuly reported, the grand finale is made up of two concerts at Berlin’s Waldbühne, together with DAF – on July 23 (see pics below) and 25. We can also reveal that Anton Corbijn’s film company is at the site, filming with multiple cameras. [more...]

Jul 2018 28

The singer and lyricist of Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant, is set to release a book with a selection of his lyrics.


Nitzer Ebb original line-up on tour plus box release
Jul 2018 31

Nitzer Ebb returns after eight years and they have big surprises in store. [more...]

Jul 2018 31

DAF will do an exclusive date in Los Angeles this November – their first in North America. [more...]

You want to own a Yazoo vinyl box? You can!
Jul 2018 31

A new behemoth vinyl box from Yazoo titled “Four Pieces” is coming this fall.


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