The Xenturion Prime directive – the powersynth trio interviewed
Nov 2017 17

Swedish / Norwegian powersynth band Xenturion Prime emerged from the ashes of Code 64 when Hasse Mattsson and Bjørn Marius Borg joined forces. They released their excellent debut album “Mecha Rising” in 2014, and then entered radio silence until now. These days the band have added Cathrine Räisänen Andersen to the roster and is thereby a trio. The new album “Humanity Plus” is out now on Progress Productions, and it’s a damn good one. We decided to have a chat with the band about what they’ve been up to since last time. [more...]

Carbon Based Lifeforms – the ambient electronic duo interviewed
Nov 2017 21

Carbon Based Lifeforms are a really experienced duo of Swedish ambient music producers. The pair, Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad, have been making music together since 1996, and recently released their latest studio album “Derelicts” on the Finnish label Blood Music, known for their extreme metal. Mike Whyte talked to the duo about the story behind the album, influences, and threw in a couple of cheeky questions along the way.


Nov 2017 23

One of synthpop’s biggest hits has just been re-released for the second time.  [more...]

Seabound side project Lionhearts to release a remix EP
Nov 2017 24

Well, this one looks interesting. Frank M Spinath’s (Seabound, Edge of Dawn) solo project Lionhearts will soon release a remix EP with some strong names.


Nov 2017 27

According to FACT magazine, and mentioned by the NME, it may be possible that Björk actually has unreleased tracks recorded with members of the Wu Tang Clan. [more...]

A new beginning for Agent Side Grinder
Nov 2017 27

Swedish band Agent Side Grinder have presented their new vocalist, Emanuel Åström, and announced their future plans. [more...]

New single from The JAMs (a.k.a. KLF)
Nov 2017 30

Following their adventures in and around Liverpool during their release of the book “2023: The Trilogy” in late August, the JAMS (The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu) has released a 7” vinyl single. [more...]

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