New single from Swedish synthpop band 047
Jun 2015 17

Swedish synthpoppers 047 started off as a bitpop band with several great releases under their belt. Their latest album “Elva” saw them moving into more conventional synthpop territory but they carried it out with great skill. Now they have just released a new single with vocals from Daniella Kruth. [more...]

Jun 2015 17

Die Krupps made a splendid return with the album “The Machinists of Joy” in 2013. Luckily they’ve not been resting on their laurels, and so now we have a new album to look forward to in 2015. [more...]

Ashbury Heights to release new album in July
Jun 2015 22

Swedish electropop band Ashbury Heights will return with a new album, “The Looking Glass Society” on July 24. [more...]

Jun 2015 23

Our freshest Release Magazine reviews includes Train to Spain, Karsten Pflum, Johan Baeckström, Machinista, Black Lung and Sturm Café.

Jun 2015 25

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Watch the new Marsheaux video for the Depeche Mode cover “Monument”
Jun 2015 26

Watch the new Marsheaux video for the Depeche Mode cover “Monument” here.

Listen to the new IAMX song and look at the current tour schedule
Jun 2015 26

Listen to “Happiness (Gary Numan Remix)” below – a brand new song in classic IAMX style. It’s taken from the forthcoming album “Metanoia”. [more...]

Meanwhile at Schiphol…
Jun 2015 26

…Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber are drinking coffee, tired after a long trip. [more...]

Wax Trax documentary moves to Kickstarter
Jun 2015 29

As we’ve told you in our interview with Julia Nash last year, the legendary Chicago based industrial label Wax Trax! has been working on a video documentary for quite some time. To finish it, they’re turning to you, and more specifically Kickstarter (watch the video).


Sonar – Barcelona – June 18-20 2015 – report
Jun 2015 29

It’s always good to be back at Sonar, after all it means being back in the centre of Barcelona, probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also, Sonar is one of those festivals that doesn’t pander to commercialism as such – it’s true, you do have the big names (this year Chemical Brothers (main pic), ASAP Rocky and Duran Duran are some of the acts fulfilling this criteria), but it is more about the music you don’t know that make it an exciting proposition. So it was with eagerness that I went through all my formalities before entering into the arena of sound that is Sonar by Day. [more...]

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