Alison Moyet goes on electronic tour in UK and Ireland, plays Yazoo songs
Mar 2013 11

Alison Moyet has been working on a new electronic album for a while, together with Guy Sigsworth – a talented dude who has worked with Björk, Madonna, Goldie, Seal and Kate Havnevik among many others. He was also one of the members of Frou Frou, together with Imogen Heap. The album is called “The Minutes” and comes out on May 6.


Box with Cosmic Overdose, Twice a Man and Lars Falk
Mar 2013 12

In the 80:s Swedish pioneers in Twice a Man released material on their own label Xenophone. Now ambitious label Vinyl-on-Demand will re-release 3 of the tape releases on the label as a “Xenophone International 1979-1985″ 3LP-box, limited to 500 copies. [more...]

Pet Shop Boys reveal new Stuart Price album on new label
Mar 2013 14

It seems like only a short while ago we got the album “Elysium” from The Pet Shop Boys. And now they’re releasing a new album called “Electric” in June, produced by Stuart Price. The teaser below hints of a nu-italo sound, and a much more upbeat approach than “Elysium”. [more...]

Mar 2013 15

Tonight, the Electronic Summer festival announced the first 5 live acts: DAF, Apoptygma Berzerk, S.P.O.C.K, Spark! and Vanligt Folk. There will be a total of 8 acts spread out over 2 days (August 30-31), at Brewhouse in Gothenburg.

Hurts, Stockholm, March 18 2013 – report
Mar 2013 19

I went to see Hurts at Debaser Medis here in Stockholm. The gig was sold out, and the lads delivered a great show with songs from the new album “Exile” as well as their debut “Happiness”. [more...]

The Klinik behind the bandages
Mar 2013 20

Marc Verhaeghen and Dirk Ivens debuted the seminal band The Klinik in Belgium in 1985, and continued to release several influential albums with their particular brand of monotone, experimental industrial. They split up in 1991, but decided to get back together for some gigs around 2003. Then nothing happened, until now. They’re finally back with a new album, so we decided it was time for an interview.


Mar 2013 20

FKP Scorpio has decided to move the legendary Hultsfred Festival to an event ground in Stoxa near Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. They will keep the name (for now).

Mar 2013 20

This year’s E-tropolis in the Columbiagelände in Berlin takes place on Saturday. E-tropolis is an annual one day fest from the people who brings us the fine Amphi Festival. [more...]

The Weatherman and Seabound side project Ghost & Writer back with new CD
Mar 2013 25

Frank Spinath from Seabound and Edge of Dawn has once again joined forces with Jean-Marc Lederman from The Weathermen (among other things, he likes to keep himself busy in a lot of projects) to create the second Ghost & Writer CD. [more...]

New Adolphson & Falk 19 track album in 2 weeks
Mar 2013 26

Following their 2006 release Vidare, where Adolphson & Falk explored their back catalogue with acoustic versions of the most successful tracks spanning their entire career, an expanded version, entitled “Ännu vidare”,  with no less than 19 tracks is set to be released on April 8.


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